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Larry Dane Brimner, Author
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    Larry Dane Brimner, born in St. Petersburg, Florida, spent his early childhood exploring Alaska's Kodiak Island. He traces his love of reading to that time in his life. Since there was no television reception and only sporadic radio reception, entertainment came in the form of books and stories. Reading and making up stories was a part of day-to-day family life. Raised in a traditional Southern family — his parents hailed from Birmingham, Alabama — telling falsehoods was frowned upon but embellishment was encouraged. His affinity for reading led him to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in British literature from San Diego State University, where he graduated cum laude, and a Master of Arts degree in writing. Prior to beginning his twenty-year teaching career, he began to write for publication. Larry is now a full-time writer and author of 200 books (and counting) for young people. When he's not traveling to speak to school children about the writing process or to conferences to address teachers, he lives in the American Southwest and the Rocky Mountains.

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