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Larry Dane Brimner, Author
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  • Larry Dane Brimner, Author


    More than 200 titles, including:

    • Blacklisted: The Hollywood Ten on Trial, Calkins Creek, 2018
    • Twelve Days in May: Freedom Ride, 1961, Calkins Creek, 2017
    • Puppy & Bear: The First Day of School, Two Lions, 2017
    • The Rain Wizard: The Amazing, Mysterious, True Life of Charles Mallory Hatfield, Calkins Creek, 2015
    • STRIKE!: The Farm Workers' Fight for Their Rights, Calkins Creek, 2014.
    • Black & White: The Confrontation between Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth and Eugene "Bull" Connor, Calkins Creek, 2011
    • Birmingham Sunday, Calkins Creek, 2010
    • Trick or Treat, Old Armadillo, Boyds Mills Press, 2010
    • We Are One: The Story of Bayard Rustin, Calkins Creek, 2007
    • Cats!, Children's Press, 2000
    • Cowboy Up!, Children's Press, 1999
    • Merry Christmas, Old Armadillo, Boyds Mills Press, 1997
    • Firehouse Sal Children's Press, 1997

    Puppy & Bear The First Day of School

    And dozens more!


    Book reviews are available at my website.


    • Robert F. Sibert Honor Book Award, Black & White
    • Carter G. Woodson Award, Black & White
    • Orbis Pictus Honor Book Award, Birmingham Sunday
    • Norman A. Sugarman Biography Award, We Are One
    • Norman A. Sugarman Biography Award (Honor), Black & White
    • Best Book for the First Grade, Firehouse Sal
    • Junior Library Guild selection, STRIKE!
    • Jane Addams Award, We Are One
    • Jane Addams Honor Award, Black & White
    • Eureka! Gold Award (California Reading)
    • Eureka! Silver Award (California Reading)
    • Best Book for the Teen Age (New York Public Library)
    • Notable Trade Book for Young People
    • Society for School Librarians International Honor Book
    • VOYA Nonfiction Honor List
    • VOYA Perfect Tens


    Twelve Days in May Freedom Ride 1961

    Programs for grades K through 8.


    All times are approximate.

    • K: 30 minutes
    • 1 & 2: 45 minutes
    • 3 and up: 55 to 60 minutes
    • Diving In, Protests & Boycotts, and Writers' Workshop sessions run approximately 45 minutes.


    I generally present to one grade level at a time and have spoken to groups as small as 4 and as large as 1,200. In other words, I'm flexible. I prefer, if at all possible, to present in a library setting, but any central location where the children come to me will do.


    "Everyone Has a Story," my most popular program for the K-6 set, is an energetic, engaging, educational blend of stand-up comedy, storytelling, and pro-literacy message. My highly interactive, full-day school visit consists of four (4) 45- to 60-minute programs for older children in grades 1 and up, plus one (1) 30-minute program for kindergarten.

    We Are One


    • Diving In: (a.k.a.) Snooping in Other People's Drawers
    • Protests & Boycotts: The Fight for Dignity & Freedom
    • Writers' Workshop (Tackles specific areas from point-of-view to active verbs to poetry.)
    • Evening Programs and Teacher In-Service are available upon request.
    • International Schools Abroad & DOD Dependent School: I travel widely and always enjoy presenting (in English) to children in these innovative schools.


    "I've been a writer all of my life, first learning to weave stories with my family on Kodiak Island, Alaska, where there was no television and only sporadic radio reception. However, my professional writing life began shortly before I began teaching way back when. Since my first book, I've written on a wide range of topics from flying dogs and hog-riding nanas to snowboarding and cockroaches. My work is based in the ordinary, the everyday, and I really enjoy showing young authors that they can tap into their own lives for rich story material — whether about a favorite topic or an amusing personal experience. An added bonus for me is that my school programs allow me to reinforce and support the unending work of classroom teachers; my message is their message, but often the students are more accepting of it because it comes from an outside source."


    Merry Christmas, Old Armadillo

    I handle my fee structure a little differently than most other authors perhaps because when I taught school, it was part of my job to arrange author visits. I like to keep things as simplified as possible for everyone concerned. I offer a bit more (4 programs, plus the 30-minute kinder presentation versus the standard 3). I also cut my fee several years ago to make it possible for more schools to experience an author visit. My full-day fee is $850.00, plus travel and lodging expenses, for visits of one- or two-days. But to simplify things, I will cover my own travel and lodging expenses for visits of 3-days or longer. For bookings of 3-days or more, the fee is a flat $850.00 per day. I encourage you to invite other schools in your area to piggy-back onto your visit.

    Because they are in my "home area," the fee for school visits in Arizona and Southern California is $850.00, total.

    Finally, I want to make you a hero in your school and to WOW! your kids. If my fee structure is problematic for you, please send me a proposal.


    Black & White

    Larry Dane Brimner needs:

    • A projector and cables to connect to his PC.
    • A large screen positioned so that children will have a clear line of sight.
    • A wireless lavalier (or collar) microphone. If this isn't available, then a microphone affixed to a stand that can be removed and with 50-feet of cord, is best.
    • A CD player (for music with grades K & 1).
    • A table, approx. 5-feet in length (to help keep Mr. Brimner's materials organized).
    • A bottle of water


    I am always happy to autograph copies of my books and appreciate a school's willingness and hard work to organize a booksale. Books may be ordered from the publishers for a discount (Be sure to stipulate that you are ordering for an author visit and request the discount.), from your local bookseller, or directly from me (in a pinch). If ordering from me, please understand that I do not keep a supply of books on hand and will need about 6 weeks to order them from the publishers.



    Larry Dane Brimner
    PO Box 87257
    Tucson, AZ 85754
    Phone: 520-514-2445
    Web Site:

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