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David Greenberg

David Greenberg
David Greenberg presents two different assemblies:

1/ Poetry Assemblies are based on his superbly-reviewed poetry picture books (Slugs, Bugs!, Skunks!, Snakes!, Crocs!, Don't Forget Your Etiquette, Enchanted Lions, etc). These visually rich assemblies are fun, funny, inspirational. They emphasize the qualities that make writing effective. Children depart saying "I want to be a writer when I grow up!" All grades.

2/ Civil Rights Assemblies are based on his novel A Tugging String (winner of the 2008 Oregon Spirit Award, finalist for the 2008 Oregon Book Award) which tells the gripping story of Greenberg's dad who was chief lawyer for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (and who helped argue Brown v Board). This deeply moving, graphically rich assembly describes the issues, attitudes, personalities, events associated with King's history-changing Selma-Montgomery Voting Rights March in which Greenberg's dad played a crucial role. It makes the civil rights movement spring to life and shows just how pertinent it is today. Greenberg connects it to issues of bullying and personal responsibility. Grades 3 & up.

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John Steven Gurney

John Steven Gurney
John Steven Gurney's books are all over your library shelves. He has illustrated many of America's best loved chapter book series, including The A to Z Mysteries, The Bailey School Kids, and The Calendar Mysteries. He is the author and illustrator of the picture book Dinosaur Train and the graphic novel Fuzzy Baseball. Every illustration tells a story, but how? How does a book get published? What is the editor's job? John answers all these questions and more. He takes the audience through his illustration development process, including visual research, sketch development, and painting. John's presentation is informative and often quite funny. Information is presented with clarity and humor. Then John switches gears and the session gets interactive. Volunteers from the audience experience what it's like to pose for an illustration. John answers questions and draws some cartoons. But the highlight is when John leads the audience in "draw-along" activities.

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Jeff Mondak

Jeff Mondak
Get ready to dance! Get ready to sing! Illinois-based poet and songwriter Jeff Mondak's programs educate and entertain. Featuring poems from his book The Toy Box Ate My Brother (2016), and accompanied by musician Jordan Kaye or Sergio Wals, Jeff combines discussion of poetry and songwriting with sheer foot-stomping, hand-clapping fun. After reviewing techniques for writing good poems, you'll learn about the relationship between poetry and songwriting, culminating in a raucous concert including songs such as "The Rock and Roll Hop" and "Pluto's Not a Planet Anymore." Jeff's poems appear in anthologies such as One Minute Till Bedtime, My Teacher's in Detention, I Hope I Don't Strike Out, and Rolling in the Aisles. Jeff's songs appear on several CDs including Mick Brady's Triple the Pickle, and Jeff's songs have aired on NPR's All Things Considered, the Dr. Demento Show, and many children's music radio programs.

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Laurence Pringle

Laurence Pringle
Inspire students to grow as writers, and as readers, and also to laugh, when Laurence Pringle visits your school. Yes, Larry can be funny but he also nurtures research, writing, and editing skills, and excites interest in reading. His programs (as many as 6 per day, tailored to a wide range of grades), can reinforce CCSS standards, and help students understand informational texts.

Larry is one of the nation's most popular and honored authors of nonfiction for children, winner of several major lifetime achievement awards. His 115th book was published in early 2016. Some recent highly-praised titles: Owls! Strange and Wonderful, ICE! The Amazing History of the Ice Business, and The Secret Life of the Woolly Bear Caterpillar. Creating all of these books gives Larry a wealth of wisdom and practical advice to share with students.

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Diane Z. Shore

Diane Shore - Author
Get ready for an ultra-energetic, interactive, inspirational celebration of literacy! Funny, fun, and full of life, teacher-turned-author, Diane Z. Shore travels around the world with her widely popular school presentations.

Educators describe Diane's author visits as "awe-inspiring" and "right on target with all grades" as she wows the audience and sparks their creativity with her non-fiction Highlights for Children articles (Did you know that George Washington's false teeth were not made of wood!) poetry, rhyming riddles, readers' theater, hidden pictures, songs, guessing games, and more.

She shares rough drafts and writing strategies (vivid verbs and colorful words!) through her well-loved A/R books which include, Bus-A-Saurus Bop, Look Both Ways (a hoot to read in German!), her historical This Is the Dream, and This Is the Feast, plus her best-selling I-Can-Read, How to Drive Your Sister Crazy!!

They'll think they're just having fun!!

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Richard Sobol
Richard Sobol - Author spacer
Richard Sobol makes Non Fiction Exciting! Students stand up and cheer as they ask to see more photos and for even more time for questions.
Author of the award-winning Traveling Photographer Series shares photographs and stories on rainforests, endangered species and world cultures. Classrooms of all ages are fully engaged as they see animals come to life in Richard's vivid close up photographs published in 15 children's books and magazines including National Geographic and Smithsonian. Dynamic presentations explore his adventures as he carries heavy camera gear into far-flung natural habitats. These interactive presentations promote animated questions and discussions. K-12 can learn about sustainability and protecting ecosystems that are home to Gorillas, Elephants, Whales, Orangutans, and Monkeys. New for 2016 is, GROWING PEACE, a positive story of interfaith cooperation and the power of an individual to make a difference in the world.
Richard has brought presentations and artist in residencies to schools throughout North America and the World. School visits can complement classes in writing, science, natural history or art. Multi day workshops on story telling, non-fiction narratives, and digital photography are encouraged.
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