Author: Herman Parish

Title: Amelia Bedelia Road Trip!

Amelia Bedelia Road Trip!

"Amelia Bedelia's family goes "off to roam" in book 3 about her life as a young, modern girl. Although she's disappointed it's not "off to Rome," Amelia Bedelia soon adapts. She keeps a journal, learns to read a map (kind of), accidentally joins a small-town parade, and enters the Miss Bigmouth fishing contest. Like the earlier books in the series, Amelia Bedelia is likable and funny, though somewhat less outlandish than in previous books by Peggy Parish. Small illustrations break up every spread, making it a good choice for readers transitioning into chapter books. Hand this to fans of Junie B. Jones and Ruby Lu."

Suzanne Harold
October 18, 2013

Title: Amelia Bedelia Goes Wild!

Amelia Bedelia  Goes Wild!

"Amelia Bedelia finds more trouble than a barrel of monkeys in the latest volume of this long-standing series. When a nasty case of flu causes Amelia to miss a class trip to the zoo, she decides to re-create the field trip so as not to feel left out. No zoo? No problem! With the help of friends, Amelia soon has an increasingly exotic menagerie in her backyard, but she can't quite figure out who keeps eating all of the bananas. Avril's whimsical illustrations nicely enhance the exuberant nature of the text in this sure bet for returning fans."

Summer Hayes
April 30, 2014

Title: Amelia Bedelia's Library Card

Amelia Bedelia's Library Card

"This sixth Amelia Bedelia title by Herman Parish presents a younger, modern Amelia in a wordy picture-book format. When Amelia's class takes a trip to the library, the youngsters get a tour that includes a chance to check in returned books, a walk through the stacks (not of hay or pancakes), and a visit to the children's room. With assistance from the librarian, Amelia picks a book about cupcakes to borrow but accidentally winds up with one on weather instead. This turns out to be surprisingly prophetic and, during a thunderstorm, she leaves the book outdoors. Horrified, she and her mother explain the pulpy mess to the librarian, who accepts their offer to replace the book and an apology cupcake. 'Yummm!' says the librarian. 'Amelia Bedelia, I'm glad you brought this in for me to check out!' Amelia takes a few things literally, but the text has far more subtle wordplay and library rules than Amelia's typical misunderstandings. Avril's illustrations done in gouache and black pencil do a fine job of depicting everything from the settings to Amelia's ever-changing expressions, bringing the text to life. Sure to be popular where Parish's previous Amelia Bedelia titles have done well."

School Library Journal
Catherine Callegari
Gay-Kimball Library
Troy, NH

Titles: Amelia Bedelia Means Business
Titles: Amelia Bedelia Unleashed

"Beginning chapter-book readers can meet the young Amelia Bedelia and enjoy her literal take on the world around her. In Business, the homophonic-challenged girl is looking for ways to earn money for a new bike. She encounters all sorts of mayhem as she helps out at the local diner, sells stolen flowers, has a run-in with the local police, and tries her luck selling drinks at her lemonade sit. (After all why should customers have to stand?) Wordplay abounds as Amelia 'steps on it,' splattering pie on a customer at a diner and taking each word to heart. Her parents are helpful in explaining meanings to her, but readers will laugh out loud as she navigates her way through a variety of business opportunities. In Unleashed, Amelia Bedelia searches for the perfect puppy. Her parents encourage her to learn about different breeds by helping her neighbor with her dog-walking business. While out walking several of the dogs, Amelia meets her friend Charlie and his pedigreed poodle. He invites her to help get Pierre 'show ready' with a bath and coat trim. Things go badly awry, and the two friends have two hours to find the dog and figure out a way to fix his coat in time for the show.
Amelia Bedelia Means Business, Amelia Bedelia Unleashed
In both books, the illustrations bring the characters and plot to the forefront, and well-designed drawings provide reluctant readers with dynamic and whimsical visual cues. Rendered in gouache and black pencil, the artwork splashes across the pages. Sure to be favorites on the early chapter-book shelves."

School Library Journal
Melissa Smith
Royal Oak Public Library
Royal Oak, MI

Title: Amelia Bedelia Means Business

"Amelia Bedelia fans will welcome her bumbling leap (in a good way) into a new chapter-book series. Although the character turns 50 in 2013, this book follows the literal-minded heroine's exploits and misunderstandings as a pigtailed girl. When Amelia's mother remarks that the fancy bike that her daughter covets must cost an arm and a leg, Amelia replies that she'd never pay that much. 'You need both your arms to steer a bike like that, and both legs to pedal it.' Her parents' offer to split the cost of a bike with her leads to a short-lived job at a diner; a customer who's in a rush orders pie, telling her to 'step on it' — no surprise what happens next. Amelia's second job ends equally disastrously after she opens a lemonade stand at a car dealership, with a sign that advertises 'Lots of Lemons!' Parish and Avril bring this zingy novel to a conclusion that is chaotic, even by Amelia Bedelia's standards, proving that her legacy is in capable hands."

Publishers Weekly

Amelia Bedelia, Cub Reporter

Title: Amelia Bedelia, Cub Reporter

"Amelia Bedelia may have been around for a while, but her ingenious wordplay is just as much fun as ever. Here she's drafted to write the headlines for the local school newspaper, and what fun she has with that! Readers will have fun, too, as they read about eggs hatching in the fourth-grade classroom ('Fourth Grade Full of Cute Chicks') and Amelia herself having a taste of a new brand of hot dog in the cafeteria ('Woman Bites Dog'). The ink-and-watercolor art neatly supports the silliness. Slightly longer than some beginning readers, the clever text will hold readers until the end."

Ilene Cooper
Booklist August 2012

Title: Amelia Bedelia's First Vote

Amelia Bedelia's First Vote

"In this picture book, Amelia Bedelia learns about the power of the ballot. When she literally runs into the principal in the hallway, they talk about rules. Amelia suggests that kids be given the opportunity to participate in making them, and Mr. K agrees. The enthusiastic, ready-for-anything girl and her classmates devise a ballot that includes Homework-Free Wednesdays and ice cream sandwiches for lunch. The gouache and black pencil cartoonlike illustrations are eye-catching and take readers on the widely visual journey. Although some of the millions typical wordplay may be lost on young readers ('i"We have a tie," said Ms. Edwards. "What kind of tie?" asked Amelia Bedelia.'), fans will greet this introduction to the voting process with glee."

Janene Corbin
Rosebank Elementary School
Nashville, TN
School Library Journal (SLJ) July 2012

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