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Herman Parish - Author
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  • Herman Parish - Author

    “Dear Herman...”

    "Herman Parish visited with our Kindergarten-Third graders. His anecdotes and family photos brought Aunt Peggy to life for the kids. When he explained his tiny notebook and read aloud to the students, they were absolutely in awe. And, what could be better than the 'real' Amelia Bedelia dropping in and dusting the audience? Without any reservation, he is a must have guest in your Library! We loved him!"

         Laura Follmer
         Newtown, PA

    Young Amelia Holding

    "The staff would like to thank the PTO for booking Mr. Herman Parish, author of the Amelia Bedelia books, for this year's author visit. It was an inspiring visit that was thoroughly enjoyed by all!"

         Acknowledgement in the minutes of the PTO Meeting
         B.F. Gibbs Elementary School
         New Milford, NJ

    "Thank you so much for writing messages in all of the books! I've had so many students want to read to me what you wrote!"

         Margaret Ann Riley
         Versailles, IN

    "I would absolutely recommend booking Herman Parish to visit! I can't tell you how many students and teachers came up to me the next day to tell me how wonderful he was. As a person who has organized author visits at my school for 13 years, I can assure you that a librarian knows a day was a great success when the teachers rave about the author visit!"

         Karen Kliegman
         Library Media Specialist
         Searingtown School
         Albertson, NY

    "On behalf of the Glenville Elementary School PTA Board and Administration, I wanted to thank you for visiting our school this past Wednesday. We have received nothing but positive feedback from both our staff and our students on your presentations and on the visits from our very own Amelia Bedelia! Your presentations were engaging, interactive and informative, each geared to the specific age group of the students in attendance. The children were abuzz with excitement all day and anything that generates an interest in reading and writing, we are all for! At my house, the excitement continued as the kids truly enjoyed seeing you, their school and Principal featured on Channel 12 that night. Thank you for your time and your patience as well during the hectic book singings. We wish you much continued success with the Amelia Bedelia series and we look forward to reading about all her future literal antics!
    Young Amelia Running

    "It was a pleasure working with you and we are in the process of obtaining the Channel 12 news feature and will forward you a copy."

         Ann Marie Bullis
         Glenville Elementary School
         Greenwich, CT

    "I would like to thank you for your great presentations. Your assembly programs for all of our children were wonderful — filled with information, good humor anecdotes of your life, information about your aunt and your relationship to her. In addition, your discussion of your work as a writer was terrific for our young writers to hear. During lunch we were all impressed with your willingness and ability to share your knowledge with our students and to relate to all levels of learners. Your day here was most appreciated."

         B. Ostrowsky
         Emerson, NJ

    "Teachers, students, parents, principals and librarians are still expressing how much they enjoyed your visit. Bravo, Herman Parish!!!"

         Lex Anne Seifert
         Denton Creek Elementary
         Coppell, TX

    Amelia with red bookworm book

    "Thanks so much for the terrific presentations on Wednesday at T.B.D.! The kids and the teachers are still buzzing — honestly, not sure which were more excited. You've set an impossible standard for us to reach for next year — and it was the best day I've had in recent memory."

         Robin Messing Bogdanoff
         PTA Co-chair, Author-in-Residence Program
         T. Baldwin Demarest Elementary
         Old Tappan, NJ

    "All the students enjoyed your presentation. They were still talking about your visit until the end of the school year. You made a really big impression on them. You have a wonderful way of changing your presentation to meet the needs of the different age groups to be sure they are always involved and interested."

         Mirriam Turner
         Baltimore, MD

    "Your visit was a real hit. The committee members and I enjoyed it and most importantly, the kids went home and raved to their parents. One parent even commented on how her son asked if he could take his Amelia Bedelia book to read on his was to baseball practice. Again, thank you for a wonderful day."

         Melba Herrera Kelly
         Chair of the Authors' Week Committee
         George M. Davis Elementary
         New Rochelle, NY

    "I feel that I must give you some of the feedback I heard. The schools were still abuzz today! You got a rave review from our toughest critics... THE 6TH GRADERS! They are usually a hard group to please... they are at that age when nothing is cool enough. Well, they loved your presentation. One mom said that her daughter came home, went to her room and took out all of her old Amelia Bedelia books. One of the 3rd grade teachers said that the children were so excited after your program that she scrapped the rest of the morning's lesson plan and used what you spoke about as a springboard for the rest of the morning's activities. One of the 2nd grade teachers said that what impressed her most was the time you spent letting us get to know your Aunt Peggy. She felt that is was so unselfish of you to share so much of your 'spotlight' with your Aunt. One of the Pre-K teachers already sent us a thank you note for 'providing a wonderful experience for all of our students.' One thing that every single person said to me is that you were such a nice person.

    Young Amelia Holding Bouncing
    "On a personal note, I must say thank you once again for a day that the students, teachers and parents of Emerson will never forget. I felt that in just one day spent with us, you, your Aunt Peggy and our good friend Amelia Bedelia became part of our family. Please drop in on us if you are ever back in the area."

         Stephanie Kleinman
         Emerson Elementary PTA
         Emerson, NJ

    "Your presentations to the students were wonderful — entertaining and informative. Staff and students alike were delighted by your visit and were charmed by you."

         Elise Hauptman
         Diamond Lake Elementary
         Mundelein, IL

    "We enjoyed your visit so very much and the kids have borrowed your books and talked about you very often. You left a wonderful feeling within our building."

         Ruth Brown
         Perkins Elementary School
         Newark, NY

    Young Amelia Arms Up

    "Without a doubt you are famous in Fairfield! Students, staff, parents, and administration were thrilled with your visit. Thank you for bringing your talent, warmth, honesty, and good humor to share with us. We are proud to call you a 'New Jersey author!'

    "We enjoyed the stories about your family and Amelia and both students and parents have commented on your special autograph style. You made an impact that will last beyond this year. We look forward to each and every publication of your work with great anticipation!"

         Janet Goodman
         Library Media Specialist
         Fairfield, NJ

    "Hope all is well with you. The kids are still talking about your visit! The last day of school I got two requests for the 1st day of August — H. Potter latest installment plus your latest book due out in June! I'll get 'em both."

         Renee Mantz
         Lenhartsville, PA

    "Thank you for an entertaining, informative presentation yesterday. I've heard so many comments from students and faculty who agree with my opinion of your visit — delightful! The slides that showed how authors and illustrators work both separately and together were perfect for our older students, so thank you for tailoring that presentation just for them."

         Betty W. Koonce
         Memorial Elementary
         Plano, TX

    Amelia at the computer

    "I just wanted to thank you for visiting our school last Thursday and providing our students with a lesson that was interesting and exciting. Earlier this year we had several students who wrote short stories that we 'published' and put into our school library. Your visit helped to inspire other students to do the same. The helpful hint you gave regarding the notebook (that you carry to jot down notes) seems to have sparked the minds of many of our students.

    "We hope that you enjoyed the visit to our seaside school. I wish you could have seen the expression on the children's face when I delivered all the books that you signed for them! Parents are still calling to thank us for having you visit our school."

         Anne Avignone
         Library Assistant
         Seaside Heights, NJ

    "I have yet to see such a comprehensive package of literature information, curriculum connections and even signed bookmarks to reproduce, from any other author I have had visit! By incorporating some of the materials and suggestions Mr. Parish provided, I was able to fully prepare my students for his visit and they were counting the days until he came."

         Anne D. Brusca
         Library Media Specialist
         Denton Avenue School
         New Hyde Park, NY

    Amelia arms up and both legs bent and off the ground

    "I had great feedback from moms saying that instead of the usual "Nothing" answer to "What happened in school today?" the dinner table conversation was filled with fun facts about Amelia Bedelia, Herman Parish and his famous Aunt. The teachers also gave the program a big thumbs up."

         Cheryl Coyle
         PTO Coordinator
         The Cranbury School
         Cranbury, NJ

    "Thank you for a wonderful presentation and visit yesterday! I have gotten so much positive feedback from the teachers and the students — it is wonderful! My kids loved seeing me as Amelia Bedelia and couldn't wait to tell their dad all about it when he got home!"

         Cindy Smith
         Oldham, KY

    "How can we ever thank you for such a delightful day! I have gotten so much positive feedback from the students, teachers and parents about your two sessions with the children. They found it so interesting that you have your little 'scratch pad' where you write your notes. The teachers appreciated the fact that you are continually revising copy — this was a good lesson for them. They also had never experienced an author who personalized the books so nicely for the children. Last but not least, everyone commented on your wonderful personality — so real and approachable, you are truly inspiring. We are looking forward to your new book! The children are always asking for you. Thanks a million!!"

         Kathleen Bianco
         Media Specialist
         Totowa, NJ

    Amelia Reading

    "On behalf of the students, teachers and administration of Noecker School I would like to thank you for visiting our school. The teachers and students were thrilled with the news that you were coming and even more thrilled with your visit. Both teachers and students have told me that they enjoyed your presentations and found them 'appropriate' and 'informative' (from the teachers) and 'very funny' (from your younger fans).

    "The children were thrilled with your very personalized autographs in their new books. Your time and effort is appreciated by all. It was great to work with you and I hope you enjoyed your visit to our school."

         Christine E. Carr
         School Librarian
         Roseland, NJ

    "Your visit to C.H Campbell Elementary School was certainly the highlight of our school year. The kids and teachers thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and learning about one of their favorite characters, Amelia Bedelia. We especially enjoyed celebrating Amelia's 40th birthday. We always love to have an occasion to have a special treat at our school!!!

    "I have also enclosed the front page of our local paper. There you are with the gang with our very festive birthday cake. Thanks too for the note to the students. It will be framed and will hang in our hall of 'Distinguished Visitors' — a wonderful reminder of the day you spent with us. Again, many thanks for sharing Amelia Bedelia with us."

         Ellen Bennett
         PTO President
         Canfield, OH

    "Thank you so much for your wonderful program at our school last Friday. Everyone had a great time and all were 'raving' about it (kids, parents, and staff). Thanks too for how you took the time to personalize all the books."

         Julie Gamble
         Media Specialist
         Livingston Park Elementary, NJ

    Teen Amelia on a skateboard

    "We can't thank you enough for visiting our school and sharing all you fun and wisdom with us. Your program was informative and extremely enjoyable, to say the least.

    "The impact you and your Aunt Peggy have left on our students, teachers and parents has been evident ever since. No idiom has gone unnoticed and you've inspired several budding young authors!

    "Everyone was also impressed by the attention you gave to each book you personalized. Thank you for taking the time to do that for us. Thanks once again for helping us enrich our children's education!"

         Martha Traina and Terese Guerriero
         Jefferson Elementary Cultural Arts
         Succassunna, NJ

    "You were 'out of this world!' Everyone really enjoyed your visit, students and parents alike. Many parents commented on the great Amelia Bedelia costume. Amelia Bedelia books have been flying out of the library since April 18th. There were lengthy articles regarding your presentation in two of our local newspapers. They gave rave reviews! We truly enjoyed both presentations and came away with some great new insights that we can incorporate into our future lesson plans. Thanks for sharing with us!"

         Lorraine, Peggy, Terri & Karen
         Pittstown, NJ

    Young Amelia Standing

    "On behalf of the students, teachers and staff, I wanted to thank you for coming to Stockton Elementary School. Everyone completely enjoyed your visit and it was both an educational and fun experience for all. Additionally, thanks for taking the time to sign a clever saying on all the autographed books. That really makes the books purchased so much more special."

         Jane Silver
         PTA / Cultural Arts, NJ

    "The students were thoroughly engaged and asked wonderful questions, and the surprise appearance of Amelia Bedelia thrilled not only the children, but also the teachers. I heard several children bragging about meeting Amelia later when they visited the library to check out more of Mr. Parish's books. I have coordinated author visits for more than five years, and Mr. Parish was a delight to work with from the initial contact through the final housekeeping details."

         Cathy Riley
         Youth Librarian
         Tippecanoe County Public Library
         Lafayette, IN

    Amelia Holding a Book

    "Several teachers came up to me after your visit to emphasize how much they and their classes enjoyed your excellent presentations; they all thought you were one of our best. You were sensitive and responsive to the different needs of our various groups from the kindergartens to the eighth grade. You captured everyone's attention with the visuals you provided, the clever anecdotes and your own methods to keep Amelia Bedelia alive, right down to your pocket notepad. One young mother stopped in Friday morning and noted with amazement how her usually inattentive daughter came home and recounted your presentation in great detail. It should be no surprise to know that all your Amelia Bedelia books are signed out! Thank you again for a wonderful day!!!"

         Judy Howard
         Beverly City School, NJ

    "On behalf of the Landisville PTO, I would like to extend my sincere thanks for visiting our school last Tuesday. The students and faculty thoroughly enjoyed your presentations. Your style and manner with the children was just perfect. They were so excited to be meeting a real author. Similarly, the students were amazed when they opened their Amelia Bedelia books to see your autograph. Thank you for taking the time to personally sign each book. It definitely meant a lot to them. Herman Parish Day at Landisville Primary Center was truly a special day. Thank you for making it so unforgettable!"

         Miss Amy Bigoski
         First Grade Teacher, PA


    Teen Amelia with hands on hips

    "Thank you so much for everything. The children and teachers are still talking about how great you are. The parents said the children came home talking about your visit. Usually when parents ask how an assembly went, the children usually say, "Fine." You made quite an impression."

         Kelly Hallquist
         Washington School PTO
         Hawthorne, NJ

    "We were delighted to have you as our guest at Haines School. The students were talking about your visit for weeks, and the Amelia Bedelia books are more popular than ever. I know you'll be remembered for years!

    "It was my pleasure to assume the persona of Amelia Bedelia for the day. I really had fun doing it, so thank you for the opportunity."

         Mary Lee Gustafson
         L.R.C. Director, IL


    "The day after your visit I went to many of the classrooms. Upon entering each room I was greeted by excited students telling me that yesterday's assembly program by Mr. Parish was great. The greatest gift an educator shares with his students is the inspiration to learn and expand one's horizons. Undoubtedly, that message came through loud and clear."

         Joseph Memoli
         Tulsa Trail School, NJ

    "There was no doubt about it. Our scheduled author day visit was an unqualified success. Our faculty and students were very enthusiastic about your presentations. The teachers especially enjoyed the way you related to children in all grades. We thank you for enriching our day and enhancing our writing and Literature experiences."

    Young Amelia Holding a Book in Each Hand

         Susan P. Schlossberg
         Director of Library Services
         Perelman Jewish Day School
         Wynnewood, PA

    "Thanks from a parent for being so interested in every child. It just shows through your face. Peggy would be smiling!"

         Marguerite Breen
         Assembly Committee
         Toll Gate Grammar School, NJ

    "Thank you for coming to the school. You did a great speech. Do you think we were a great audience? You are a great reader. You are a great author. P.S. Do you like reading?"

         First Grade


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