Dinosaur Train


Title: Dinosaur Train

Author & Illustrator: John Steven Gurney

"PreS-Gr. 1 — Jesse takes a fanciful ride on a train full of dinosaurs in a daydream inspired by his favorite interests: "Trains and dinosaurs. Dinosaurs and trains." Jesse climbs aboard the train on a huge, spiked tail (the tail belongs to a giant purple engineer, appropriately clad in overalls and cap). The passengers on the train would be right at home on Amtrak (the little old lady, the conductor in uniform and spectacles, business folk reading the paper, and travelers in jeans and T-shirts), except for the fact that they happen to be dinosaurs of all sizes and colors, their long necks and tails poking from every open window. When the train goes through a tunnel, they all must duck, and when they rush to one side to check out a volcano, they tip over the train. The Day-Glo bright colors, very simple text and the dinos' hilariously goofy facial expressions will attract many young train and dinosaur aficionados; they'll appeal to plenty of other picture-book fans, too."

Diane Foote
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"PreSchool — Jesse thinks about, dreams of, and lives for two things: dinosaurs and trains. One night, he hears a loud noise and feels the house shake, and, with a cry of "ALL ABOARD!," the boy finds himself embarking on an exciting train ride with all sorts of dinosaurs, eating and having a small adventure with them. The story is slight, but it's the idea of enjoying a good time with benign happy dinos, together with the brilliantly colored and lovingly detailed illustrations, that will stay with young readers and probably spark many requests for bedtime repetitions."

Marian Drabkin, formerly at Richmond Public Library, CA
School Library Journal
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