Fuzzy Baseball


Title: Fuzzy BaseBall 3: RBI Robots

Author & Illustrator: John Steven Gurney

"Fuzzy Baseball Vol 3: R.B.I. Robots Gr 2-4 — It's baseball season, and the Fernwood Valley Fuzzies return to face a new group of rivals, the Geartown Clankees. While the Fuzzies include animals — rabbits, bears, possums — the Clankees are robots in disguise, and when their secret is revealed, the Fuzzies are upset. Most of the players don't think that competing against robot opponents will be fair to them, but Blossom Honey Possum is especially worried because she's afraid of robots. What follows is a madcap story filled with baseball puns, empathetic robots, and characters who break the fourth wall. But this fantastic tale stays grounded in the rules of baseball, and sports fans will appreciate how Gurney helps them keep track of the game as the book progresses. Most of the humor is directed at kids, but some jokes will appeal to the grown-ups reading with them. The artwork is lively, colorful, and packed with action and visual humor. VERDICT A fun and funny read for kids who love animals, sports, and stories that stretch their imaginations."

Andrea Lipinski
New York P.L.
School Library Journal

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